UI done right

i’ve always dreamed of bringing Linux-style switchable desktops to Windows, –even Microsoft has one, but they’re all slow and buggy.

and you know what? seems like they fixed this problem in Win7. Really. I use Win7 more than six months already, and the more i get used to the new taskbar, the more i like it. cool.

it’s hard to describe why it’s so convenient. just it’s hard to describe why the Google Desktop is convenient, if you don’t know that you can press Ctrl-Ctrl, type 3-4 letters from the document name and just open it, don’t involving Recent Files, Explorer and other pile of junk (actually, i’ve already ceased using it because i don’t like Google messing with my files, and the Windows Vista and 7 start menu can do the same, but you get the idea – there are things which can’t be explained, they only can be tried)


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