after the attempts of making green threads on .NET

In the free software scene “we support feature X” – “hooray, we successfully reproduced one of the X’s usage scenarios!”, and in the commercial (non-free as in non-free beer) software scene “we support feature X” – “we will preserve compatibility of feature X in accordance to the specifications during this and\or next release cycle”.

Seems like i like the second definition more…


How should the graph look like?

If you draw it on paper, it looks natural.

If you make it out from the matches and jar – it looks natural, too.

And the text is somewhat cumbersome. Trees show beautifully (JSON, s-expressions and others). Lists – even simpler. But what about graphs?

Yes, you can use names and references (most of programming languages, YAML, etc).

Is there any other methods?

sane posts about Linux vs Windows

[RU] from the advanced user standpoint

[RU] bird’s eye industry overview (beware of trolls in the comments btw)

I want to underline that the low prevalence of the software for geeks is normal. When the market share is less than 20% – it’s called niche product. And that is good, because mass product means very different requirements, for example, favor of unification over the ability of fine-tuning. Linux won’t die, it has enough users, but unlikely to become the main OS, which (as a brand) is known to billions of *end* users

We don’t have a leading* browser today. And nobody complains. Moreover, people started to think about standards and compatibility. Just don’t try to push the software outside its applicability area. It’s the main point, i think.

*leading = more than 60% of users

personality bipolarity

at nights i’m happy and euphorical, because the self-sufficient TRIZ wakes up, which combines loads of encountered thoughts and objects in arbitrary ways, and the resulting ideas spit out at an enormous rate, literally dozens a day.

and with the daylight, depression and annoyment comes, because i find myself in the noizy, distracting environment, night ideas became forgotten, and i can’t really do any tasks or materialize ideas, because of distractions

that’s how the latest 5 or so years of my life had passed…