after the attempts of making green threads on .NET

In the free software scene “we support feature X” – “hooray, we successfully reproduced one of the X’s usage scenarios!”, and in the commercial (non-free as in non-free beer) software scene “we support feature X” – “we will preserve compatibility of feature X in accordance to the specifications during this and\or next release cycle”.

Seems like i like the second definition more…


the future of communications

Seems like on Haiti facebook now is the primary way of communication, since phones are all dead.

I’m now at 100 km from the Haiti border. Electricity works sometimes, cell phones does not work at all, but the internet access is available.

How should the graph look like?

If you draw it on paper, it looks natural.

If you make it out from the matches and jar – it looks natural, too.

And the text is somewhat cumbersome. Trees show beautifully (JSON, s-expressions and others). Lists – even simpler. But what about graphs?

Yes, you can use names and references (most of programming languages, YAML, etc).

Is there any other methods?

sane posts about Linux vs Windows

[RU] from the advanced user standpoint

[RU] bird’s eye industry overview (beware of trolls in the comments btw)

I want to underline that the low prevalence of the software for geeks is normal. When the market share is less than 20% – it’s called niche product. And that is good, because mass product means very different requirements, for example, favor of unification over the ability of fine-tuning. Linux won’t die, it has enough users, but unlikely to become the main OS, which (as a brand) is known to billions of *end* users

We don’t have a leading* browser today. And nobody complains. Moreover, people started to think about standards and compatibility. Just don’t try to push the software outside its applicability area. It’s the main point, i think.

*leading = more than 60% of users

personality bipolarity

at nights i’m happy and euphorical, because the self-sufficient TRIZ wakes up, which combines loads of encountered thoughts and objects in arbitrary ways, and the resulting ideas spit out at an enormous rate, literally dozens a day.

and with the daylight, depression and annoyment comes, because i find myself in the noizy, distracting environment, night ideas became forgotten, and i can’t really do any tasks or materialize ideas, because of distractions

that’s how the latest 5 or so years of my life had passed…