They’re different, too small to write posts for each one, too large to just close them and forget.


  1. [RU] “New Social Class Separation”
  2. [EN] “What colour are your bits?” ingenious article about different kinds of information and different kinds of dealing with information
  3. [EN] and, “why singletons cause problems and how to avoid them”
  4. [RU] “About the rankings” (more precisely, how to evaluate values and risks in IT)
  5. [EN]…/why_apple_keeps_iphone_specifications_quiet – how people fight with abstraction leaks, at the same time making the device more user-friendly 🙂
  6. [EN] – why the Wolfram Research tops my internal Evil Corporations Ranking 🙂 (but they are unquestionably cool guys, yes)

Interesting blogs:

  1. [RU] << “I write about Objective-C, Smalltalk, Ruby and Haskell. About aliens on spring and autumn, but only when i run out of the sedative drugs.”
  2. [RU] << “Dima Hardie” (most intense futurological/scifi blog to date)
  3. [EN] << “Oleg Andreev is a ruby/io/actionscript/objective-c hacker writing about his personal experience in software development.” Should be interesting for the dynamic language adepts 🙂
  4. << “Mini-Microsoft” insider blog about the corporate things in MS.

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