Crazy ideas

I hope for a discussion, and maybe for the like-minded ones. Drilldown on request.

Here are cool things that would be cool to implement, if only for a concept. Plus I know how.

  • P2P instant messenger (possibly, even a blogging system). For added lulz – browser-based, secure and anonymous. Even a free hosting or a HTML file on your computer will suffice, but Chrome/Firefox extensions will be even better (yes, I’m crying the blues and envy Diaspora developers, because just too lazy to get up and launch a fundraising PR campaign for more developers and designers)
  • Development environment a la Pharo (self-contained environment), encrypted and fully polymorphic. And the software created with it should have those capabilities, too. Moreover, if desired, it should be able to turn back into editable source code (see below about the IDE)
  • Lifelogger (hardware and software “black box”, that would collect the objective statistics about what is happening with its owner. It’s a treasure for medicine and forensics, IMO. Good as an exo-memory, too.)
  • Cross-translator for Python/C#/JS/AS/(your-language-goes-here), working in any direction. Perhaps, with enough craziness it should be able to support even functional languages, it would be like a supercompiler (a term) of sorts, tuned for minimizing code size, not speed (by abstracting out recursions, etc). Because that’s a pity that so much code is already written, but lots of people are involved in cloning existing code to new platforms, f.ex. Given enough metadata about the platform, it could be automated.

And for these, there are still open questions, but could be possible too.

  • Graph-based database with user-friendly UI and PIM built on top of it, transparently synchronized between user’s devices. Including cell phones and BT headsets, f.ex.
  • Software IDE which would grow it from semantic specifications. Disguised as a digital pet making game. And then, on the basis of the accumulated experience…
  • Knowledge-mining system that would deal with (foreign) intelligence and eliminate the need to read shitloads of garbage just to find interesting projects among others.
  • 3d-space-sandbox game (online and browser-based, too), not too realistic, but with explorable planets, destructible and constructible/designible ships and buildings.

And lots more. Need to fix my self-confidence and do.

[Russian version of this post, please discuss there, plenty of commenters understand English too]