personality bipolarity

at nights i’m happy and euphorical, because the self-sufficient TRIZ wakes up, which combines loads of encountered thoughts and objects in arbitrary ways, and the resulting ideas spit out at an enormous rate, literally dozens a day.

and with the daylight, depression and annoyment comes, because i find myself in the noizy, distracting environment, night ideas became forgotten, and i can’t really do any tasks or materialize ideas, because of distractions

that’s how the latest 5 or so years of my life had passed…



They’re different, too small to write posts for each one, too large to just close them and forget.


  1. [RU] “New Social Class Separation”
  2. [EN] “What colour are your bits?” ingenious article about different kinds of information and different kinds of dealing with information
  3. [EN] and, “why singletons cause problems and how to avoid them”
  4. [RU] “About the rankings” (more precisely, how to evaluate values and risks in IT)
  5. [EN]…/why_apple_keeps_iphone_specifications_quiet – how people fight with abstraction leaks, at the same time making the device more user-friendly 🙂
  6. [EN] – why the Wolfram Research tops my internal Evil Corporations Ranking 🙂 (but they are unquestionably cool guys, yes)

Interesting blogs:

  1. [RU] << “I write about Objective-C, Smalltalk, Ruby and Haskell. About aliens on spring and autumn, but only when i run out of the sedative drugs.”
  2. [RU] << “Dima Hardie” (most intense futurological/scifi blog to date)
  3. [EN] << “Oleg Andreev is a ruby/io/actionscript/objective-c hacker writing about his personal experience in software development.” Should be interesting for the dynamic language adepts 🙂
  4. << “Mini-Microsoft” insider blog about the corporate things in MS.

On Heuristics and Human Factors

In college computer science classes, we learn all about b*trees and linked lists and sorting algorithms and a ton of crap that I honestly have never, ever used, in 25 years of professional programming. (Except hash tables. Learn those. You’ll use them!)

What I do write – every day, every hour – are heuristics that try to understand and intuit what the user is telling me, without her having to learn my language.

The field of computer interaction is still in its infancy. Computers are too hard to use, they require us to waste our brains learning too many things that aren’t REAL knowledge, they’re just stupid computer conventions.

Wil Shipley ( )

About the programming

Programming is the great job (or a hobby). It’s especially great because it requires only a brain and a computer (and for some tasks you may not need a computer at all). But most people who start programming very soon find that they have only the computer.

the fun is disappearing from programming

(see (in Russian))
Basically, the article says that the *implementation* of software products is being shaped as the conveyor belt. But the game dev (except for the sequels and sport games), and startups are mostly out of the question.
Or, we may say that there is finally a distinction between the research & production.
Same thing with the artists and designers (make it “feel cool” is more art/research, but “respect the accessibility” and “paint 50 icons for different actions” is clearly a production)

That’s why those who bored should innovate and materialize innovations in the form of startups. At least, my (little) experience shows, that it’s much easier and productive to find answers to unsolved (technically) problems than to follow existing guides and instructions.